Thursday, January 6, 2011

Healthy Shopping

Saturday I sat down and planned our week long menu.  All healthy meals.  Then we went out and shopped for only what was needed (and healthy!)  This is really vital.  To stick to a list that was created in advance with the right ingredients.  Now not only do you not have to "run to the store" - but you didn't impulse shop.   Knowing what you need can steer you away from spending too much money and buying crappy food.   

Another tip Don't shop hungryEat before you go shopping.  Trust me
You'll leave the store with way less stuff if you are FULL!

I cannot wait to have a minute to sit down and post a couple of recipes to share.  (I didn't write the recipe, but I cooked it, pictured it & ate it!)  Some really yummy dishes coming your way.   
       Zesty Lemon Chicken & Meathead Taco Salad. 
-Bet you can tell what one was with Daddy Deadlifts in mind!

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