Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exercise: Poor Man's Plastic Surgery.

Its been awhile - and I promise I have lots of meals with pictures already taken that should had been posted by nowThat said.  Life has happened.  We were on a little mini vacation, then Grandma was in town for TWO WEEKS.  Also I have a craft fair coming up "Designers Downtown" in Raleigh.  I have been crafting like crazy.  This has left not much time for "Blogging."  

I am so proud of "Daddy Deadlifts."  He is a work out FREAKGood Thing.  We cannot afford "Plastic Surgery!"  hehe. 

I know he has told me recently he has met some goal in his exercise world.  Though at this time I can't for the life of me think of what it was.  Hopefully he will be on to blog about his updates.

"Daddy Deadlifts" is about to finish up a "cycle" of a FREE trial of Max Stack, by Gaspari Nutrition.  I hope too that he can find time to elebarate in a post about it.  What I gather - his lifts are UP but so is his weightHmm.

Until Next Time.  Eat Healthy.


  1. a friend just got liposuction, (to my credit I had to try that one a couple of times just to see how it was spelled) and it was 5000 bucks.

    I'd just as soon give up the cake.
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