Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Started

With the new year here and quickly on its way, a lot of people will make the resolution to either get BACK into shape, or get in shape for the first time. Either way, jumping headfirst into physical fitness can be intimidating and/ or discouraging. The two biggest things you need to succeed are determination and motivation. Something my father told me when I signed up for the Marine Corps when I was 18, and a few hours from shipping off to Parris Island (slightly intimidating... alright, absolutely frightening) was "Just remember, everyone is going through the same thing you are, you won't be the only one." Very true, and in getting started in physical fitness, its the same. No one jumps into it ALREADY in great shape, but the people who are determined and motivated are the ones who succeed, and this is probably a pretty good parallel that could be drawn to almost anything in life. Goals are important, maybe there is a certain body fat percentage you would like to be, or a certain weight you would like to press. I like to split my goals up quarterly, to achieve benchmarks along the way to my ultimate goal. This keeps things from getting overwhelming, and discouraging. Keeping a daily log of your pre-workout weight, as well as keeping a log while you are working out to track your progress. Dorian Yates, a world class bodybuilder and multiple time Mr Olympia, says never go to the gym without a plan, know what you are going to accomplish and get it done. Who can argue with someone like that?

Something to remember, is pain is part of the process. Don't fear it, EMBRACE IT. When you lift weights, you are literally destroying your muscles, tearing the fibers and daring them to grow back bigger and stronger, so you can do it again. The more you hurt the next couple of days, the more you got accomplished, and ultimately the closer you are to your goals. So, for certain, those first few weeks will be painful, and you may wonder if its worth it, but this is where the motivation and determination comes in. Find a picture of your idea of the perfect physique, tape it to your workout journal... thats the prize, the finish line. Make it happen! Anything worth having is going to be a difficult, your body is worth it. YOU ARE YOUR MAKER.

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