Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh My Back

For those that don't know - I sew.  Alot.  Its actually my JOB if you will.  Being that I do it in my own home one would think I could fit in the time everyday NO MATTER WHAT for exercise.  Not the case.  I am pretty sure I have a severe case of workaholic-ism. {is that a word? It doesn't have those fancy squiggle lines under it!  It must be!}  Any way back on topic.  My core is suffering from lack of exercise on a daily basis.  Oh My Back.  Sewing is a killer.  I am making a point ALL DAY today to sit with proper posture & keeping my abdominal muscles tightened.  Hopefully this will cure my backache.  Ack.

I really need to workout.